Q & A

Q: Why should I buy a used car as opposed to buying a new one?

A: Buying a used vehicle is much more economical than buying new if you know what to look for. New cars depreciate as much as 20% as soon as they are driven off the lot. For the average car, that’s a loss of about $5000.00 For that amount, you could have a very good used vehicle that will give you years of reliable service.

Q:Do you own a new car?

A: No. I have never owned a new car. I use my 25+ years of automotive experience and knowledge to purchase less expensive vehicles that I know will last a long time.

Q: Is your inspection (Lemon-Aide Vehicle Inspections Inc.) the same as a safety certificate?

A: No. Lemon-Aide Vehicle Inspections Inc. provides information on the state of the vehicle for whoever is buying the vehicle. We look at all the areas that are checked for a safety inspection (except for removing the tires) and report back on any possible problems that may not be part of the safety inspection process.

Q: Why should I hire Lemon-Aide Vehicle Inspections Inc. when I can take it to my mechanic instead?

A:By the time a temporary plate is purchased ($10-$15), insurance is put on the car (approximately $110.00) and a mechanic inspects it ($50-$80 per hour) you have already spent close to $200.00 The other option is to tow it to the mechanic’s shop….also very costly. For $125.00 plus HST ($141.25), Lemon-Aide Vehicle Inspections Inc. will inspect the vehicle on site (with the owners consent). Having said all that, some shops will also provide a safety certificate with the inspection however, it will still cost you more to get it to the shop than having  Lemon-Aide Vehicle Inspections Inc. come out to inspect the vehicle. 

Q: How long does an inspection take?

A: Most vehicles take about an hour to inspect. Motorcycles take a little less time due to the fact they are easier to access.

Q: Does Lemon-Aide Vehicle Inspections Inc. guarantee the inspection for any length of time?

A: Lemon-Aide Vehicle Inspections Inc. reports on the state of the vehicle at the time of the inspection. Lemon-Aide Vehicle Inspections Inc. cannot guarantee that the vehicle will never have problems, all vehicles will. Also, there is no way of knowing if the vehicle was used after it was inspected.

Q: What other types of vehicles does Lemon-Aide Vehicle Inspections Inc. inspect?

A: We inspect light trucks, SUV’s and motorcycles.

Q: What should I do before I consider an inspection?

A: There is a website called carfax.com. Fill in the required information and you will receive a report on the vehicle you are interested in. This site will let you know if the vehicle you want to purchase has any liens on it or if it has been in any traffic related situations. For an addition fee, Lemon-Aide Vehicle Inspections Inc. can provide this service for you.